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Answering the Questions Our Davis Customers Have About Termite Treatment


Termites are insects that destroy wood, and they have been in existence since the dinosaurs walked the earth. Though they may be vital to nature, they are also responsible for an estimated $5 billion in property damage annually. There are several telltale signs of an infestation, including softwood, mud tubes on your home’s exterior and blistering or darkening of wood structures. Luckily, Aspen Pest Management offers a range of termite treatment options to Davis clients, including:

  • Spot treatment: This offers the benefit of not having to move out of your home. The localized treatment can simply be applied to areas of concern.
  • Soil treatments: This is optimal for the removal of dry wood, subterranean termites in and out of your home.
  • Fumigation: This method, whereby your home is tented and gassed, results in the removal of termites and is the most effective way to get rid of damp wood termites.

Our company offers effective termite inspection and termite treatment options. If you are wondering about termite pest control, these FAQs may answer your questions:

  • How much damage can termites actually cause? These wood-destroying insects eat wood constantly, which can make the cost of repairs and treatment add up quite quickly.
  • When might a homeowner see termites? They swarm in early spring and are most likely to infest during this time.
  • What can homeowners do to prevent termites? You can prevent termites by eliminating moisture throughout your home and diverting water away from it.
  • Reduce your crawl space’s humidity and keep all greenery around your home trimmed so they do not block vents. Remove old foam boards or wood structures that may attract termites, and keep soil at least 18 inches away from wood in your home.
  • How can termites be controlled? Homeowners are not equipped to treat termite infestations. A pest control professional will recommend a treatment plan that depends on your home and type of infestation.
  • What is the most effective termite treatment? The answer to this question depends on the species, severity and location of the infestation. We address each case individually in order to prescribe the best solution.
  • How difficult is it to treat termites? It is impossible for homeowners to treat termites. A professional, however, possesses the technology, expertise and training to effectively eliminate termites.

Get Rid of Wood Destroying Insects Today

There are few pests so damaging as termites. If you have termites in your home, your structure is suffering every moment you do not call a termite specialist. Aspen Pest Management offers the professionalism and great service you want with your termite treatment. Call 530-753-7378 to schedule a pest control inspection in Davis.

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