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Pest Control Maintenance Programs in Davis


You might wonder why you’d need routine pest control all year long, especially in the winter. Davis, however, is environmentally ideal for pests, and even during the rainy winter months, they are likely to remain active. Aspen Pest Management provides maintenance and prevention services throughout the year to commercial and residential clients because there are many new challenges in the cool months that can become a problem. Pests, for example, often invade homes as they look for shelter in a warm and dry spot. We have pest control maintenance programs that prevent this from happening in cold and rainy winter months.

We offer one time and bimonthly pest control service. We use boundary and perimeter treatment to ensure that pests are kept out of your house. Most of them live in the landscape surrounding a home, and these “dooryard” pests can be prevented if they are blocked from entering your home. After an initial indoor treatment, we minimize the need for additional treatments in your home’s interior though our Perimeter Service Program.

We don’t require a long-term contract. If you’re unhappy with our service, we want to make it right.

Please call or email us with any questions or concerns.

We can’t promise that spider webs won’t return—sometimes very quickly!—after we’ve webbed your house. The Central Valley is a paradise for spiders in the summer months, as we all know.

We can’t control rodents outside your home and don’t set traps outside. For regular customers, interior rodent trapping is $75 for 30 days. If our abatement and exclusion recommendations aren’t followed, we can’t guarantee the service.

We highly recommend Sentient Pest Exclusion Services: 530-383-5743. They are thorough and meticulous and offer a guarantee. We don’t cover the following pests in our regular service: bedbugs, fleas, pantry moths, fabric moths, German cockroaches.

Treatment recommendations for these pests will be provided at your request.

Keep Pests at Bay!

Aspen Pest Management offers pest control maintenance programs to help you maintain a home that is clean and safe. We are the top pest management specialist serving clients in Davis and surrounding areas, so when you are ready to be rid of bugs, reach out to us at 530-753-7378.

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