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Inspecting Homes and Businesses in Davis for Termite Infestations


One of the biggest mistakes new homebuyers commonly make is failing to include a termite inspection in the contract of the home sale. Once the sale is finalized and it is discovered there is an infestation, the buyers must deal with the damage and the costs—which can total thousands of dollars. Investing in a check by a pest control professional can save you from such a fate, even if the seller refuses to pay for the inspection. Aspen Pest Management helps homebuyers in Davis discover whether there are termites or other wood-eating pests in homes.

If the home’s condition indicates that there may be pests or dry-rot damage, a pest report can provide clarification. If for example, a windowsill can be poked through with a pen, you should invest in a report to confirm the potential presence of dry rot. You should communicate with your real estate agent to clarify whether a report is required or not, and per the advice, move forward with an inspection. The routine is relatively simple and includes several steps:

  • An inspector points out conditions that may contribute to an infestation. Firewood, debris, insufficient grade slant from foundation or wood siding contact with soil are noted as potential risks.
  • Any other concerns and sources of potential infestation are noted.
  • A detailed report is written and submitted, including the home’s overall condition, any structural damage, and any termite and pest infestations that are present.

Thorough Service and Effective Pest Control

Investing in a termite inspection from Aspen Pest Management is one of the best moves you can make. We serve clients in Davis and also offer pest control maintenance programs. For more information, please reach out to us at 530-753-7378.

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