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7 Steps to Keep Spiders From Taking Over Your Home


Spiders wreak havoc wherever they decide to build webs and nest, and although most spiders are not poisonous, they will bite people if they fear they are under attack. You can prevent a spider infestation and do other things to combat these pests. These seven simple tips will solve your pest problem efficiently and effectively.

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Identify, Prevent, and Treat Termite Infestations


You're worried about pests. More specifically, you have concerns that termites are unleashing their destructive potential on your home. Whether you've recently bought a new home that came with termites or you have a sudden infestation in your existing house, getting rid of these pests is your first priority.

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Ants Invading Your Home? How to Kill Them


An ant may seem like a tiny insect that won't cause too much harm, but in reality, that one ant is part of an entire army of ants that will take over your home if you let them. Ants are everywhere outside — on plants, flowers, trees and crawling across your deck where you try to entertain your guests in the warm weather months.

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